About us

DenArt studio is the first retail body painting studio in NY. We are the first company that make the body painting experience available for the general public, where anyone can just come in and experience body painting then photographed. Before we came into the picture, this kind of experience was only available for professional models as part of elaborate productions.

DenArt studio started when Danny Setiawan experimented with body painting as a medium to increase the relevancy of his art so he can make more impact through it.

In 2009, Ekaterina Dorozhkina joined DenArt studio and turned it from a merely artistic endeavor into a business

DenArt studio exist to empower through art. We believe in the power of art to change lives for both the creators and the audience.

In addition to our passion in creating beautiful and engaging art to empower the public, DenArt studio aspires to inspire other artists to experiment with new ways to monetize their talents so they can create more art.

DenArt studio Team

Danny Setiawan

Danny Setiawan

Co-founder, Master painter

Danny Setiawan is an Indonesian born visual artist who combines traditional and digital media in his art.

Danny immigrated to the United States in 1997, and earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree in multimedia from Parsons School of Design in New York in 2003.

In many of his recent works, Danny uses human body as his canvas. Some of his creations, immediately recognizable replications of great paintings of the past, are tributes to his predecessors.

Danny’s work has been featured on TV shows and magazines in the US, Europe and Asia.


katya headshot

Ekaterina (Katya) Dorozhkina

Co-founder, Marketing, Business development

With years of experience in marketing, advertising, project management and business development, Katya infuses a wealth of knowledge and experience into this artistic endeavor.

Being a natural economist who always sees the big picture and understand how all the pieces work together, Katya ensures DenArt studio’s growth as a business.

In addition to being business savvy, Katya exercises her creative muscles in photography and event production.

Katya was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She received her Master’s degree in Economics from one of the top Russian universities. She currently lives in New York City.


Gulya Shigabutdinova

Body painter, Instructor

A self-taught artist from Russia, Gulya enjoys working in a variety of styles and mediums. She finds both education and inspiration in everything from the great masters of art to comic strips.

Gulya brings a lot of spunk and flavor to the DenArt studio with her quirky humor and outgoing personality. She helps Danny with the work load by painting every weekend at the studio.

A professional photographer in training, she can calm down nervous clients to bring out their true personality when shooting their portraits. She currently lives and works in New York City.


Samantha Lim

Samantha Lim

Body painter, Event coordinator

Sammi Lim is Malaysian-born, Brooklyn-based artist. The first word that came to mind when she first saw the New York from a plane four years ago was ‘abundance.’ She pursued a dual degree in Fine Arts and Journalism at Hofstra University.

Lim works using a mélange of mediums, but frequently finds herself gravitating towards Asian watercolors. She is most inspired by the artists Egon Schiele and Salvador Dali. Her art often addresses the theme of sensuality.

She is also the Associate Editor and Curator of a virtual museum chronicling Sikh art as well as a critique for The Dance Enthusiast.


Luba Ushakova

Luba Ushakova

Event manager

Luba was born in Russia but grew up in Vitebsk – native town of Marc Chagall also as art and cultural center of Belarus, where she finished high school and art school in textile design major.

She then continued her education and obtained master degree in arts at State University.

Luba has been involved in different exhibitions and conferences. Additionally, she also worked at school like art/crafts teacher and art journalist in local press.

In 2012, Luba immigrated to USA and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.