Intro to body painting class

body painting class

Learn body painting in this hands-on body painting class

This class is designed for beginners so no experience or knowledge of body painting is required. We will cover all the basic things to get you started doing body painting.

This is a hands-on class. The instructor will start the class with some basic instruction and demo then the students will work together to paint the design on the model.

What you’ll learn in this class

  • What body painting supplies professionals use and where to buy them
  • How to work with a body painting model
  • How to work with other painters
  • Structured way of breaking down a complex design
  • Time management to balance details vs coverage



  • model
  • all supplies
  • studio space
  • 2 hours of private hands-on class
  • Private class : $499 (contact us to schedule)


  • Class type: group class (max 20 students)
  • Length: 2 hours.
  • What to bring: Nothing. We will provide all the materials for the class and the model, so you just need to show up

Design you’ll paint



We will introduce more designs in the future.

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