Livestream Body Painting Class for Couples

Koi Body painting in progress on Zoom video call

Join us for a creative, fun-filled, and bonding body painting class for couples from home!

Embrace your inner artist and transform your partner into a work of art with our live, step-by-step instructional and interactive livestream class which will bring body painting straight to your living room!

Bring a partner or quarantine-buddy, and join one of our certified Denart instructors and models in an easy, beginner’s class. Demonstrating on a live model, the instructor will break down a beautiful work of art into simple steps you can practice first-hand on your partner, and be available to guide and answer any questions. Follow along carefully, or paint outside the lines — anything creative goes at our body painting event!

The typical class size is 5 – 10 couples and it lasts for 2 hours.

How it Works:

  1. RSVP for the event
  2. Purchase palette, make your own body paint at home, or get the ticket that includes the supplies!
  3. Join Zoom webinar at event start date/time
  4. Create a masterpiece on your partner’s body under the guidance of our instructor


Each class will focus on a fun new design. Designs include:

Koi Fish body painting design

Koi Fish

Starry Night Body Painting design

Starry Night

Scream Body Painting Design


more to come…

Supplies Needed for This Class

You can choose to get your own palette or purchase the ticket that comes with the palette. If you choose to get the ticket that includes the palette, we will get it shipped directly to you.

Alternatively, you can get creative and make your own natural, edible body paint from the comfort of your home!

  • Body Paint Palette (preferably purchased from our Recommended list below, but any safe body paint palette will do)
  • Assorted brushes
  • Cup with water
  • Your partner or quarantine buddy!
  • Your favorite drink and snack(optional!)


  • Please use a skin-safe body paint palette.
  • Please join with one other person.
  • You may maintain your privacy and keep your webcam off if you prefer. If you want immediate feedback and guidance from the instructor, you can alternative turn your webcam on or send us photos of your progress at any point!
  • Please respect model’s privacy and refrain from taking screen shots, pictures or recordings.
  • Any offensive behavior will not be tolerated. The instructor reserves the right to remove anyone who act in offensive manner.


Basic Ticket: Event only

Each ticket is good for 2 people

Plus Ticket: Event + Starter Kit

Each ticket is good for 2 people
Starter Kit : Blue Squid Paint Palette

Upcoming Classess

Please be sure to RSVP for the class the specifies the design that you’d like to paint. If you need to order your body paint supplies, please make sure they arrive before the class date.

Koi Fish body painting design Sat, 2 May | 3 – 5pm EST
Starry Night Body Painting design Sat, 9 May | 3 – 5pm EST
Scream Body Painting Design Sat, 16 May | 3 – 5pm EST
Koi Fish body painting design Sat, 6 Jun | 3 – 5pm EST
Starry Night Body Painting design Sat, 13 Jun | 3 – 5pm EST
Scream Body Painting Design Sat, 20 Jun | 3 – 5pm EST
Koi Fish body painting design Sat, 4 Jul | 3 – 5pm EST
Starry Night Body Painting design Sat, 11 Jul | 3 – 5pm EST
Scream Body Painting Design Sat, 18 Jul | 3 – 5pm EST


  • What’s the technology requirement to join this event?
    You can use any computer, tablet or phone with camera, microphone and speaker that can connect to Zoom Webinar would work.
  • When will I get the Zoom url?
    We will send you the invitation to join the virtual body paint livestream via zoom couple days prior to the class.
  • Can I use art supplies that I have at home?
    Yes, as long as they’re specifically designed to be used for the body. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us. We do recommend few affordable body paint palettes below.
  • Can I join this event alone?
    Ideally, you need to have a model as a canvas for you to paint on.
  • Do I need to turn on my camera for this class?
    You can turn your camera on if you want to show your art in progress and receive feedback and guidance from the instructor. Alternatively, you are welcome to participate in the lesson in private with your partner.
  • Do I need to be very good at art to join this class?
    Not at all. The instructor will provide step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.
  • Can I join to observe only?
    Sure. If you are interested in the creative process but not ready to paint yet, that’s ok too!
  • What if the shipment of my body painting supplies and I don’t have them for class?
    Since this is beyond your control, we’ll be happy to reschedule you for the next available class. Please see our reschedule and cancelation policy for more details.