Body painting club: regular meetings

Previously, our studio created an opportunity for body painting enthusiasts to practice by hosting jam sessions for a minimal fee ($10/person for each session).

We can no longer can afford this due to rent increase. This is why one of the past class attendees, Bill Hirst, suggested to form a body painting club: a community of body painting enthusiasts that come together on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) to paint/get painted, share knowledge and improve our skills together.

The format that we’re thinking is:

  • Start with 2 meetings per month : 1 on a weekend (i.e. Saturday eve) and 1 on a weeknight (i.e. Wed eve)
  • Each participant pays a monthly fee to cover the cost for running the session
  • Models come for free or minimal fee (i.e.$10)
  • Each session lasts for 3 hours. Uninstructed. Facilitator will be present to provide structure for the session.

The purpose of this is to find out if there’s enough interest in this type of gathering. If you’re interested, please respond by filling out this form) so we can get an idea of what would work best for you.