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My Story

Kris Lee headshot

Model: Kris Lee

My story has to do with overcoming abuse and anorexia, which I suppose is rampant in the modeling world. I was in rehab for it twice and I credit yoga to what helped me overcome it.

I am currently very confident in my body and I’m looking to showcase it; this shoot is the perfect way to do that.

I was anorexic, I think, because of the abuse I endured as a child. I wanted my body to look like that of a little boy, so that no man would find me attractive.

Yoga taught me how to appreciate my body for all it can do, rather than solely what it looks like.


TBD – Design phase will start when the project is 60% funded

Shoot date

TBD – Set when project is 100& funded

Estimated image completion date

TBD – Set when project is 100& funded

About this project

A series of body painting photo shoots to empower people who can benefit the most from the experience.

Each image in this series is customized to the model’s story. We see the body painting as the spiritual side of the model while the pose and facial expression show his/her physical side.

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