‘Mother & Baby’ Bump Illusion – Elissa Barrett

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Baby Bump Illusion - Elissa Barrett
Baby Bump Illusion - Elissa Barrett

“This body paint I created for my friend was influenced by a photo I saw of a mother holding her baby in this position. To any mother it will remind them of the first moment they held their child skin to skin. I was reserved about painting a babies face as I felt it was too personal and intrusive. This painting is about the concept and simplicity of a mother and her love for her baby.”

“I have a passion for creativity and Art, I always have. I fell in love with face painting 8 years ago whilst working painting children’s faces at a local holiday park . I then decided to go my own way and explore more in to body art and more detailed face painting. My aim has always been to create something unique every time I paint somebody, From children’s faces through to body paints. I like creating illusions and designs that make people have to take a second look. I aspire to create designs personal to my clients. My inspiration can come from anywhere”. – Elissa Barrett

‘Badger’ face paint

Elissa Barrett – UK / Imagine Face & Body Art