Our painting stolen by Cal Neva Casino

bare painted ladies web site screenshot

Event page on visitrenotahoe.com

How can anyone steal a body painting? Read on and you’ll find out how a casino in Reno Nevada stole our piece.

Yesterday, one of our friends asked if we’re coming to do a body painting show at Cal Neva Casino in Reno, Nevada.We were puzzled because we have no plan to do this event.

Upon further investigation, we found out that one of our images, Starry Night after Van Gogh, is being used to promote their body painting event without our permission.

It’s being used for the event’s page on visitrenotahoe.com, a site that lists local events in Reno and Tahoe area.

The same digital poster was also used to promote the event on the Cal Neva’s Facebook page

Cal Neva facebook page promoting body paint event

Cal Neva facebook page promoting body paint event

We’ve contacted both the Casino and the artist (The body paint factory ) about this matter asking them to remove the image from their promotional materials.

As we had expected, we didn’t hear any response from the Casino since the event will take place tomorrow.

We did get a response from one of the artists who claims that the promo materials were done by the Casino’s in-house graphic design team without any creative input or control from the artists. We do appreciate this response, but it doesn’t make it right and could potentially damage our brand.

It’s ashamed that they showed no regard for intellectual property by stealing our image.