03 / 08 / 2014
My Body My Rights bodypainting

Hikaru Cho, a very talented body painter from Tokyo has been in the news quite a bit these days as her hyperrealistic body painting images go viral on the net. It’s really cool to see such talented painter uses her art to support Amnesty International’s campaign “My Body My Right” that seeks to defend sexual […]

03 / 07 / 2014
Suzanne Lugano BODY PAINTER

Today, I came across an article on a local Las Vegas newspaper about Suzanne Lugano, a body painter from the area. The article covers the basic things that people ask to body painters and models such as how they got into it, how they feel about the impermanence of the art and basic conversation about […]

02 / 27 / 2014
bodypainting at NEW museum invitation

Our studio was approached by a curator from the NEW museum who helped their rock star artist Pawel Althamer to recruit local artists to “collaborate” in the exhibition entitled “Draftsmen’s Congress.” Essentially, they let/invite people come in and draw/paint on the wall and floor of the 4th floor of the museum. They provide some paint […]

02 / 16 / 2014
geopoliticus body painting 12x24

We just released a museum-quality giclee print of Geopoliticus body painting. It’s a limited edition of 5. When it’s gone, it’s gone! The print measures 24″ x 12″, printed on a museum quality 1.5″ thick canvas with black sides and hanging wire on the back. Each print is signed individually by Danny and is accompanied […]

02 / 14 / 2014
ufc girls body painting

Skin Wars, an upcoming body painting competition on GSN TV network will be hosted by Rebecca Romijn. A really interesting choice since Rebecca has experience with body painting as part of her role in X-Men. We expect to see some of our friends in the body painting industry featured on the show. Although, we believe […]

02 / 13 / 2014
ufc girls body painting

Borrowing a page from Sports Illustrated playbook, UFC did a body painting shoot featuring 2 of their ring girls. This is a good thing for body painting industry (if we can call it that), since this plants the idea in people’s minds. In terms of the actual work, looks great from the technical standpoint, but […]