Paintings giveaway

Here are the paintings that I’m giving away. Yes, they’re all FREE. However, you need to come pick them up from my place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Why am I doing this? Mainly because I need to make room for future work and also simply because I can and I like making my art available for free.

Let me know which one(s) you want. First come, first serve!

There are few self-portraits too, but I doubt that anyone would want those 😛

New Beginning Claimed by Rowel and Natalie Salvador
16″ x 20″ | acrylics and oil on canvas | 02/2008

Stop and Stare Claimed by Pete Grzymkowski
22″ x 28″ | acrylics on canvas | 02/2008
inspired by One Republic’s “Stop and Stare”

Numb Claimed by Crystal Dawes
18″ x 24″ | acrylic on canvas | 03/08

“I’m tired of being what you want me to be

can’t you see that you’re smothering me
holding too tightly
afraid to lose control

I’ve become so numb…”
— from “Numb” by Linkin Park

Don’t Stop Dancing
24″ x 30″ | Acrylic on canvas | 04/09/08
“But I know I must go on
Although I hurt I must be strong
Because inside I know that many feel this way

Children don’t stop dancing
Believe you can fly
–from”Don’t Stop Dancing” by Creed

What’s in My Soul Claimed by Sarah Friend
36″ x 48″ | acrylic on canvas | 04/19/08
A painting that depicts one’s struggle to express herself.
A struggle to live a life of greatness and originality

Dangerous Beauty II
14″ x 14″ | acrylics on canvas | 01/09
A style exploration inspired by Gustav Klimt’s work.

Hope II Claimed by Lauren Folly
14″ x 14″ | acrylics on canvas | 01/09
Hope is both fragile and powerful. That’s what I tried to portray in this painting.

Don’t Break the Ice Claimed by Presley Thompson
22″ x 28″ | acrylic on canvas | 06/22/08
“Don’t let it crack, don’t let it creak.
Tread lightly, for that is me you step upon, walk upon, skate upon
with blades of steel so you might glide by untouched.

Let me freeze, my blood is cold.

Let me go.”
— Engel Schrei
NOTE: I added some design around the figure after I took this picture.

Can You See Me? Claimed by Lauren Folly
22″ x 28″ | acrylic on canvas | 07/06/08
this painting is about the longing deep inside of us to be

I Want to Tear Down the Walls that Keep me Inside Claimed by Karly B
36″ x 18″ | acrylic on canvas | 03/2008
This painting portrays an internal struggle that happens when a person considers the possibility of taking the risk to follow her dream.

She knows that it is a journey marked with struggles and hardship, but she can’t help to wonder what would it be like to live that life fueled by passion.

U2’s song “Where the Streets Have No Name” was the inspiration for this painting.

Cross Out What I’ve Become claimed by Lauren Folly
18″ x 24″ | Acrylic on canvas | 03/2008
“I’ll face myself
To cross out what i’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what i’ve done

So let mercy come
And wash away
What I’ve done”
— from “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park