Removed from facebook

Facebook UnlikeOur page has been removed from Facebook. The technical term that Facebook uses is “unpublished”.

Apparently the body painting images that we posted there are offensive and pornographic in nature.

This is not a new phenomenon.

I’ve seen and heard about many pages owned by fellow body painters that have been removed from facebook for the same reason. Recently, Matt Huntley from Portland, Oregon took it to the press to fight back. You can read the coverage on Oregon Live and Daily Mail.

It started out with some pictures being reported as “inappropriate” because the model in the picture is topless.

Nipples offend many people so much that Facebook had to do this.

Some body painters started over their facebook page from scratch. We’re not sure if it’s worth the energy and effort since we can use other social media.

At this point, we have no plan to restart our facebook page, but of course this may change if we see a need to restart the page to be able to effectively engage our audience.