Silenced No Longer. Women Tell Their Stories Through Body Painting


DenArt, New York’s first retail body painting studio, empowers women to tell their

stories through body painting, offering free sessions to survivors of abuse or assault, in

honor of Women’s History Month.

New York, NY—Women’s personal stories have not always been honored, nor have all women been encouraged to tell their own stories—especially when they involve assault or abuse. But starting this month, in honor of this Women’s History Month and in support of its theme “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives,” DenArt is helping women to tell their own stories. Through their “My Body, My Story” sessions, DenArt offer women who have felt silenced a creative and empowering outlet to tell their own stories. During the session a woman has the opportunity to collaborate with a professional painter who will help her interpret her story graphically across the canvas of her body. When the artwork is completed, a photo shoot will then capture the woman’s story in a sharable format. After the session, the paint washes off and can be understood as part of the journey—of stepping into an empowered future.

DenArt regularly provides My Body, My Story sessions among a variety of other body painting services. However, starting in March, DenArt will offer one My Body, My Story session per month free of charge to a survivor of assault or abuse. With the hopes of raising awareness and empowering women to find healing as they share their stories in a safe, supportive, and creative environment. Deeply committed to ending violence against women and human trafficking, DenArt also donates 10% of profits of all paid sessions to International Justice Mission. Women interested in participating in the My Body, My Story series can contact DenArt through their website,

About DenArt

DenArt Studio is the first retail body painting studio in New York, and the first company to bring the body painting experience to the general public. DenArt offers a variety of experiences from private body painting sessions and photo-shoots to classes and body painting sessions for parties or events. Founding artist Danny Setiawan first got the idea for DenArt when he wanted to increase the impact and relevancy of his art.

In 2009, Ekaterina Dorozhkina joined DenArt and helped Setiawan turn his passion into a business. Learn more at