Suzanne Lugano, Las Vegas based body painter

Suzanne Lugano BODY PAINTERToday, I came across an article on a local Las Vegas newspaper about Suzanne Lugano, a body painter from the area.

The article covers the basic things that people ask to body painters and models such as how they got into it, how they feel about the impermanence of the art and basic conversation about the techniques.

The part of the article that impresses me is the positive attitude that Ms.Lugano has.

She was involved as one of the behind-the-scene assistant artists in the Naked Vegas body painting reality TV show. Although she has a lengthy experience working as a professional face and body painter, she doesn’t exhibit any sign of entitlement attitude. She jokes about the fact that she’s one of the people in the background.

Ms.Lugano has an attitude that other artists -including myself- need to emulate, which is to have the humility to learn and contribute value for the common good (in this case, the body painting industry).