What DenArt studio offers

New York, NY – Do you have an artistic side? Are you wondering about hands-on arts activities in the New York City area? Are you ready to try something new?

Then look no further! DenArt Studio is the place for you!

DenArt Studio is thrilled to invite you to their studio for body painting sessions! Featuring a customizable selection of classical and tribal-inspired artwork that can be painted on your back, your torso, or your baby-to-be, DenArt offers a fun, pleasantly smooth body painting experience within the space of 1 to 3 hours.

We’re located conveniently close to New York City – just across the East River, only 12 minutes away from Lower Manhattan. We pamper you, we treat you like royalty, and offer you an inviting atmosphere where you chatter, are painted by our owner, Danny, and are photographed in all of your colorful splendor!

We are proud of the variety that we offer. Call in to customize a painting that tells your story, or be painted with one of our pre-set designs that speaks just to you. Bring along a friend or lover, and get painted together! Or, attend one of our workshops – also with a friend or lover – and paint bring your designs to life on someone else!

Be painted by a true artist, and become a work of art today!.

Wine-bringers especially appreciated. ☺

  • What: DenArt Studio in New york
  • Where: 21-07 Borden Avenue 5th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Contact: Katerina, 1+(646) 926-1202