04 / 04 / 2020

Starting to feel bored and uninspired at home? Looking for something new to do with your partner in the safe parameters of your living room? Join us for a creative, fun-filled, and informative afternoon of body painting from home! Turn into an artist and transform your partner into a work of art with our live, […]

03 / 10 / 2020
This ‘illusion’ artist uses her face as a mind-blowing canvas

Enlarge Image Dain Yoon Now you see her, now she’s art. “Illusion artist” Dain Yoon, 26, received traditional training at art school in her native Seoul, Korea, but prefers a more unique canvas than students generally study: her own face. The painter, who now lives in Los Angeles, Calif., is able to functionally transform herself […]

02 / 20 / 2020
The Omo Valley Tribe: The Snapchat Flower “Originators”

Omo Valley Tribe. Photo ORYX Photo Tours “ Bodypainting, as practiced here in East Africa, the cradle of humanity, seems to me to represent a way of life that dates prehistory and once enabled humankind to overcome the hostility of nature. Art was then a means of survival.” – […] Read more The Omo Valley […]

02 / 16 / 2020
Twitch has reinstated body painting streamer Forkgirl’s account after

Image: Forkgirl Remember folks: if you commit a sex crime (surreptitious photography, by definition) by filming people in the bathroom without their knowledge ahead of time, or without their consent during (as was clearly evidenced by the event in question!), you’re gonna be banned for a week. But you […] Read more Twitch has reinstated […]

02 / 15 / 2020
Bodypainting streamer calls out Twitch's guidelines after "wrongful" ban

Share After being indefinitely banned by Twitch , bodypainter ‘forkgirl’ is continuing her pursuit to hold the platform accountable for its undefined approach toward the art. To be clear, the streaming site has already defined what it permits under its community guidelines in regard to bodypainting and cosplay. Brian […] Read more Bodypainting streamer calls […]