Bodypainting as an Art Form

Why paint on a brand new canvas over and over again, spend all of that money to perfect the perfect painting when you can do so on a ready-made, free canvas – your body?

More and more people are becoming familiar with bodypainting as an art form and more and more people are becoming curious as to what it entails. This is something that provides you with a beautiful painting that you’re able to cherish forever through pictures. These pictures are able to serve as a reminder of the daring steps you took to color, paint and turn your body into a living, breathing piece of art.

One of the best things about these pictures is the fact that you’re able to blow them up and turn them into a beautiful print on canvas so that you’re able to hang it in your home. This can be a true piece of art that you’re able to share with everyone that you know – while also adding a memory to your wall.

Bodypainting is more than just going and having someone rub some paint on your body. It is empowering, it is exciting, it is a true art form that you’re able to complete with a little help from an artist and a photographer. They will work harmoniously together to create the perfect picture (that you ask for, of course) on the empty canvas (your body). This allows you to take a leap of faith, turn something into everything, add bold brilliance, color and true art to the canvas that you know.

The prints that you’re able to get with the bodypainting are prints that you will never be able to find in a store. They are prints that will stand out, make a statement and be sure to grab attention. Art can be anything, it can be nothing – it can be you, naked with paint on your body, transformed into something that you’ve always dreamed about or loved. Bodies are beautiful and when you add lines, color, mixtures and fun, it can be that much more.

With every dip, color and paint stroke, you’re able to take your body and transform. What you transform into is up to you but just know that this is a true art form, a true work of art and you’re able to get prints that you can turn into canvas’ for the walls in your home.

Now is the time to take the next step. Speak with our professionals more about doing something bold and courageous such as this. It is more than just bodypainting – it is a form of art, of expression – dare to dream about doing something that matters, that means something, that is beautiful.