Madam X


Madam X by John SargentMadam X by John Singer Sargent.
The most recognizable work by American painter John Singer Sargent. Sexy, elegant, and controversial.



Nephelle MilosNephelle Milos

In her own words:

“Sargent’s work in general has such a uniformity of excellence. There is a realism about his portraits, yet there remains a fleeting sense of Romanticism. This period in music is very dear to me as well; the art’s zenith, the death and transfiguration of the Romantic era (leading up to the effects of WWI on all forms of art) have always kept a particular fascination in me.
To become Madame X — Gautreau’s beauty, provocative dress and studied indifference, her rumored affairs — would be, in a sense, to vicariously assume that form, to have lived in that time, if only for a moment. “

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