“Naked Vegas” body painting documentary brings the art form to the public

syfy-logo-350x220SyFy just announced a new series called “Naked Vegas”, a documentary about body painting based in Vegas.

They will feature one of the most talented painters in the industry Nicholas “Nix” Herrera.

“Face Off” the earlier show that has to do with body painting , also aired on SyFy, focused on special effects. I watched few episodes and found the technical part fascinating, but it felt too much like other reality competition show (i.e. Top Model) where the drama was the focus.

I’m hoping that this documentary would be more about the ins-and-outs of the body painting profession and  the positive impact that the painted models experience which could bring this art form to the mainstream culture and encourage more people to experience it.

Another thing that this documentary could do is inspire more businesses to incorporate body painting into their marketing initiatives, which would be great for the body painting industry as a whole.

Although from the press release, sounds like the focus in on the nudity and being provocative, I have confidence in Nix’s talent and skills to bring the focus on the artistry of body painting.

I look forward to this documentary and seeing the reaction from the general public.