Jacqueline Jossa’s ‘unusual’ maternity belly painting

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Ah, the perils of third trimester boredom...

You know the feeling – you're on maternity leave, the hospital bag's packed and you've cleaned every inch of your house from top to bottom. Now what? Well, in the words of Jacqueline Jossa: "Come on babyyyyyyy!"

The EastEnders actress is currently at home awaiting the birth of her first child and rather than twiddle her thumbs, the 22-year-old has been pretty imaginative with keeping herself entertained.

First, she's tried bump painting – and uneggs-pectedly (we just had to) had a Kinder Surprise painted on her bump with a picture of her baby girl popping out of the top. Her boyfriend Dan Osborne even tried to take a bite. Hmmm - awkward pregnancy photo, anyone?

"Our little kinder surprise," commented Jac happily.

The mum-to-be has also been on a selfie spree and has even had a go on Dan's Xbox during her baby wait. "Trying to learn how to do play the Xbox #waitingaroundforbaby #bored," she commented.

We reckon Jac should enjoy the peace and quiet while she can (and put away those body paints).

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