Sci-fi geeks gather at Out of this World body art and burlesque show in Orlando

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According to the Body Art Showcase and Exhibit Facebook page on Wednesday, came a talented group of body painting experts and burlesque performers to entertain the masses of sci-fi geeks or others who just want to get out and experience something different. The event was sci-fi/galactic themed and upon arrival, artists were at work eagerly finishing up their final touches. The models were ever so still for the painters as to enable their methodical work into such an intricate array of patterns inspired by certain favorite comic book movies and other science fiction related films. All the hard work in organizing the show was done in part by Mandi Schiff who is herself a body paint artist as well.

'Predator' inspired cosplay body art'Predator' inspired cosplay body art
Darth Talon and Darth Maul as inspired by 'Star Wars'
Darth Talon and Darth Maul as inspired by 'Star Wars'
Photo by Tony Smejek

The event was held at Orlando's Majestic Event Center last night and photographers paid the price of admission to partake in taking photographs of many models, burlesque performers, belly dancers, and artists as they worked diligently on their works. Other artistic endeavors such as photographs and paintings were also display and for sale. Even the wait staff had been subject to a fascinating "My Little Pony" ensemble as she served a tray of drinks.

Also, a unique addition the list of those in the line-up of models and artists brought forth a twist of prop building to his arsenal. Prop builder Juan Pantoja built a helmet inspired by the "Predator" franchise and it was modeled by cosplay enthusiast Ivy Cosplay. It was rather movie accurate and also included the trademark deadly weaponry representative of the John McTiernan directed film which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The adventures in body painting continues come May 6 when the BASE's British Invasion comes to Orlando once more.