Vilija Vitkute – The making of ‘Living With It’

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bodypaint - Vilija Vitkute

Lithuanian born body artist Vilija Vitkute takes you behind the scenes ‘the making of’ Living With It’ an art/dance film made in Iceland. The final finished film will be released in January 2015…. stay tuned

“In July 2014 two artist came up with idea to make this film to happen . The director/Editor/body-painter & photographer – Vilija Vitkute & dancer,actress, choreographer – Erika O´Neill gathered a team to make a journey into the wilderness of Iceland. Idea to make an art-movie combining the two artists styles had been spawned, the setting was decided upon and nothing would stop them from reaching their goal. Not even really bad weather !

Erika has been dancing around the Iceland during the whole week & Vilija has been directing the film & painting dancer while she was sleeping all week long .With a massage of freedome we went with the team across icy glaciers, through damp caverns and up on the ridge of volcanos – defying the harsh landscapes that is Iceland, to bring life into the idea that was to become “Living With It”.